Staying at home this Fancy Farm? Use Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to still get in on the fun of the Super Bowl of Kentucky politics! Post as many of the “challenges” as possible and you could win a Kentucky Proud gift basket. If you go the extra mile, you may be selected the #FancyFarmChallenge #FancyFamFromHome MVP! Use the hashtag: #FancyFarmChallenge and after you complete as many challenges as possible send an e-mail to:

  • Let the world know you are taking the #FancyFarmChallenge. Post the list with #FancyFarmFromHome
  • Post a picture of who you watch Fancy Farm with. Extra points if you have a Fancy Farm watch party.
  • A picture of your all-time favorite Kentucky politician.
  • Which Kentucky Proud item are you eating and/or drinking today?
  • Post a picture standing on your very own soap box.
  • It’s Fancy Farm weekend. What political t-shirt are you wearing?
  • Post something to represent your political party affiliation.
  • You aren’t at home because you’re afraid of the Fancy Farm heat. Post a picture of you getting your sweat on or at least you’re a/c turned off.
  • Make your own political sign to show off.
  • Post a picture of you with a friend or family member on the other side of the aisle.
  • Agriculture is king in Kentucky! Show the world how great KY Ag is!
  • Post a picture or video from your favorite Fancy Farm speech/speaker.
  • Share the name and/or link of the song you’d listen to before speaking at Fancy Farm.
  • Post something to represent your county or if you aren’t from KY, your state.

Questions? Tweet to @JShellKY or send to the e-mail listed above.