Going to Fancy Farm? Use Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to help share the Super Bowl of Kentucky politics! Post as many of the “challenges” as possible and you could win a Kentucky Proud gift basket. If you go the extra mile, you may be selected the #FancyFarmChallenge MVP! Use the hashtag: #FancyFarmChallenge and after you
complete all the challenges you can, e-mail Now, get started by letting the world know you are taking the #FancyFarmChallenge by posting this list:

  • Post a picture with your travel crew & say where you are traveling from. (Be creative)
  • Post the name and/or link to a song that is a must for any Fancy Farm road trip playlist.
  • Filling up on gas? Fill up on snacks. Post your bounty. #NoShame (Bonus points for a KY Proud purchase)
  • When you are a quarter of the way, show off the best item you can find in a quarter vending machine. (Bonus points for best applied temporary tattoo)
  • Western Kentucky BBQ.
  • Find @JShellKY & get your #FancyFarmChallenge swag to show off on social media.
  • Post the best homemade sign!
  • Take a picture with someone at Fancy Farm who is on the different side of the aisle.
  • Get a picture with someone wearing a costume.
  • Get a picture of/with Fancy Farm emcee Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) and/or his KSR Team @ryanlemond @shannonthedude @drewfranklinksr (Bonus points for with)
  • Show the world your view from Fancy Farm.
  • Show your American pride. Post a picture of or with the American flag.
  • Get a snap shot in front of St. Jerome.
  • Catch someone sleeping on the way home and post their photo.
  • Yes or No, will you be at Fancy Farm 2016?

Questions? Tweet to @JShellKY or send to the e-mail listed above.